Calico Basin

Things to Do in Vegas - Calico Basin

Vegas is known for the strip, the lights, the shows and quite frankly the crazy all-night parties, but located just under 25 miles from the heart of Vegas are a ton of outdoor actives. Not what you would except from Sin City, but perfect for us locals!

About 24 miles west of “The Strip” you’ll find the entrance to Red Rock Canyon and the Visitor Center. Red Rock Canyon offers tons of things to do, and you can learn more about them here. There’s a small fee to get into the conservation area in order to take advantage of the scenic drive, hikes, biking and rock climbing, but right now I want to share more about another option you can experience for free!

Calico Basin/Red Rock Canyon Review - Things to do in Las Vegas

Now for those of you that are on the west side of town, Calico Basin is extremely easy and quick to get to. It's located about 3 miles before you reach the entrance of Red Rock and has no entrance fee. There’s ample parking, a picnic area and many different trails to explore, including the Red Spring Boardwalk! Also, did I mention it’s dog-friendly!

Things to do in Las Vegas - Hiking in Calico Basin/Red Rock Canyon
Fun Fact: You can actually purchase a home in Calico Basin!

Last weekend, Zach and I went on a short hike with our 2 dogs and had a blast. Early November the weather is perfect in Vegas for outdoor activities and it was great being outside enjoying the sun without the 100+ degree heat. 

While out and about, you will see others taking advantage of the hiking trails, dogs running around, rock climbers and tons of native plants. 

Things to do in Las Vegas - fun in Calico Basin and Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

Now as a Vegas transplant who grew up in Northern California, the “hiking trails” that Red Rock boasted seemed a little strange. What I mean by this, is that the trails are not really trails, or at least not in my opinion. Usually you can follow some type of path up the mountain, but as you get higher the trails can become less defined, and it’s usually up to you to make your own way up to the tippy top. It’s a ton of fun and you’re sure to see a side of Vegas you haven’t seen before!

Fun Hiking at Red Rock Canyon/Calico Basin with our Dogs - Outdoor activities in Las Vegas