The Zach WalkerLieb Show: Exploring Skye Canyon

The Zach WalkerLieb Show - Exploring Skye Canyon a new master plan community in the north west of Las Vegas

Located in the northwest of Las Vegas, Skye Canyon is about as close as you can get to Mt. Charleston while still feeling like you’re living in Las Vegas. I won’t sugar coat it, Skye Canyon is out there. I mean way out there. Zach and I had previously written off the community because it had seemed too far away from the heart of the city and some of your basic amenities, but after exploring it further, we discovered we couldn’t be more wrong. 

Skye Canyon is an amazing masterplan community that, in our opinion, has everything you could want and more! Not only are the houses stunning and all located in gated communities with nearby parks and walking, but the community center and fitness center, Skye Center and Skye Fitness, are hard to beat! 

You can checkout more about what we learned by watching the video below, but I’ll continue to break down this information for you.

Skye Canyon location

So, as Zach mentions, one of our initial concerns was the lack of infrastructure in the area. When we first heard about the community we knew that you were going to have to drive about 10 to 15 minutes to get to a convenience store, grocery store, gas station or bank. Now, for some of you reading this, you may think, “hey, that’s really not that bad, that’s how much I would have to drive now”, but for us spoiled Las Vegas residents, we are used to having our daily conveniences at our fingertips. 

Well, the good news is, the community is beginning to build out their commercial space and a large Smith’s should be opening mid-2018 in the Skye Canyon Marketplace, located directly across from the Phase 1 Neighborhoods. Not only that, but with the number of schools, outdoor attractions, proximity to the 95 (a little over 1 mile), and all the amenities included with the HOA, the Skye Canyon Community has become one of our favorites in Las Vegas. It has become our favorite for a couple main reasons. 

  1. Great home value, in gated communities
  2. Skye Center and Skye Fitness (HOA amenities)
  3. Proximity to outdoor activities

I’m going to explain, in detail, the various home builders and the model homes we saw in future blog posts, but for now I will say that you can expect great value in these homes. Many of the floor plans mirror those you would see in Summerlin or other areas of town, but you’re able to purchase these homes for much less. When you consider that the HOA costs are comparable to parts of Summerlin and include access to Skye Center and Skye Fitness, you’ve got quite the deal. 

What I really want to focus on now are all of the benefits that you’ll get when you live in Skye Canyon. Basically, what’s included with the HOA fees.

 Current plans for the Skye Canyon Community

Current plans for the Skye Canyon Community

Skye Center
Skye Center, the community center, blew us away. When you walk into the building you are immediately greeted by the friendly staff who ask how they may assist you. Inside of the building, you will find the Home Finding Center, Skye Bistro, as well as space to lounge and relax or even rent sports equipment. Every month the community hosts a variety of events in the Skye Center or surrounding area. In December they were hosting a holiday potluck and cookie exchange, a craft night, a Winter Skye Social and community hike at Red Rock Canyon, to name a few. 

The Home Finding Center is a resource that can be used by people looking to move to the community. There are touchscreen throughout the building that provide information about each of the different home builders that are located in the community. This information includes starting prices, average square footage and other home features. This can be a great tool if you’re looking to narrow your home search before looking at the models, but keep in mind, many of the builders are close to selling out, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions and are not able to use this tool yourself.

Skye Bistro is another amazing amenity that is included in the HOA cost. The small cafe, located inside of Skye Center, serves Starbucks coffee, and in the future plans to sell food as well. This is a great spot to meet others from the community and spend a relaxing morning. The bistro looks out large sliding glass doors to a covered patio with views of the nearby mountains. Many of the community events are also held in Skye Bistro. 

Skye Fitness
In addition to Skye Center, community residents have access to Skye Fitness, the state-of-the-art community fitness center, which is awesome! The fitness center includes a large fitness room including cardio and weight machines as well as free weights, two smaller fitness studios (mainly used for classes), locker rooms, a juice bar, retail space, and access to the private community pool, “tot lot" and splash pad. Every month, Skye Fitness offers a variety of classes for the community to attend. Some of these classes are offered complimentary and others have a small fee to sign up. Currently, they are featuring Basecamp Blast, Yoga and Pilates Reformer, but classes change monthly and will probably increase in number as the community continues to grow. Located right next to Skye Fitness is Skye Canyon Park which includes even more amenities for the community. There you will find a huge grass field, a jogging path, dog parks, children’s playground and basketball courts.  

I can’t speak of Skye Canyon highly enough, but let us know if you have any questions or would like to know more about the community! As I mentioned, I’ll be writing some posts in the future about each of the home builders and neighborhoods in the community including, Woodside, Pulte, Pardee and Century.