The Zach WalkerLieb Show: Dive into CES

The Zach WalkerLieb Show EP 4 - Dive into CES 2018.jpg

CES did not disappoint this year!

The event took place over 4 days, starting on January 9, 2018 and ending January 12, 2018, at The Las Vegas Convention Center and the World Trade Center (so that’s what this building is used for…). This year the convention had more than 184,000 guests, a new record for CES attendance, and Zach was one of them. 

At the convention, he saw cool new gadgets, TVs and VR (virtual reality) and gaming equipment, but what he was really there for were the advances in smart home technology and the self-driving cars. Since we’re mainly a home, real estate and lifestyle blog, I’m going to focus on the smart home technology, but if you feel like you’re missing out, hop over to the CES website to check out everything else!

Take a look at some of Zach’s thoughts about the Convention Center and CES.

In our opinion, the home technology available now is growing and leaps and bounds. This year the entire section of the convention was sponsored by Coldwell Banker Real Estate. Here are some of our favorite items from the home technology section. 

1. The Samsung Family Hub Fridge
The refrigerator at CES was an update of Samsung’s existing smart fridge, but what makes this one even better is its ability to connect with your other smart devices around the home and really act as a hub and a way to control all devices. In addition, this fridge will be able to tell you when items inside are expiring, suggest recipes using the food you have and even find coupons for your next repeat purchases. 

2. The Kohler Konnect Smart Bathroom Range
Kohler has come out with a bathroom range to include a smart shower, mirror, bath and toilet each with their own unique functions. The voice-controlled shower, for example, can remember your preset favorites such as the temperature of the water, music you like listening to, and the lights you like to have on. The toilet comes with a heated seat, food warmers and even mood music and lighting. 

3. Somfy Outdoor Camera
Home security was huge at CES, and one of our favorite items was an outdoor camera that uses artificial intelligence to identify your friends and family or strangers. While facial recognition is becoming more common, this camera comes equipped with an onboard speaker that will ask strangers to go away when they get too close to your home. If they do not follow instructions, the camera will let out an alarm siren. 

4. FoldiMate
While FoldiMate is not something that will be sold in stores anytime soon, it was a very cool device. This machine folds your clothes for you! Yes, you read that right! You feed your shirts, pants, blouses, you name it, into the top of the machine and pull out your folded clothes at the bottom. While this is still a bit of a manual process, it’s sure to speed things up. 

5. Keecker
Keecker is a robot that is designed to follow you around the house projecting the show you’re currently binge watching on various surfaces as you go about cleaning and taking care of other chores. Keecker will pair with your other devices and services meaning that you never have to go without your favorite show or movie, even if there’s no TV in the room. 

Check out some photos from the week!