Springtime, Time to Clean!

Spring Cleaning Checklist - What to focus on this spring

Here are some big-ticket items to focus on while cleaning this spring. Some of these are great tips for keeping a clean home, but some you may want to pay special attention to if you’re planning on selling your home. 

Spring cleaning you can get done in an hour!

Things you can get done in under an hour!

1. Put Away Winter Decorations and Blankets

Even in Vegas, nights get pretty chilly, so if you’ve piled your beds, sofas and chairs with extra blankets, now is the time to start putting them away until next year. If you switch to a thicker comforter for winter, put it away and break out the spring bedding! 

2. Organize and Clean Coat, Linen, and Medicine Cabinets (One at a time)

Let’s be honest, closets and other spaces with nooks and crannies tend to get overlooked when cleaning your house, or in my case usually become a catchall for all of my other unorganized items. Remove all of the items and clean the inside. Before you go and put everything back, take the time to sort into items you want to keep, items to throw away and items to donate. Work through your home one closet at a time and this task will seem much more manageable, or tackle all of them at once over a weekend. 

3. Dust 

We all try to dust on a consistent basis, but there are definitely places around my house that don’t get as much TLC as they should. Spring cleaning’s the perfect time to get the tops of picture frames and hanging mirrors, lamp shades, the tops of window frames and maybe those books sitting on the bookcase you’ve been meaning to read. Don’t forget your fans and any air vents you may have as well! 

4. Schedule an Air-Conditioning Checkup 

Did you know it’s important to have someone inspect your air conditioning units even if they appear to be working fine. Having someone come out and check your system annually can help catch any small problems before they escalate and can increase the longevity of your system. I don't know about you, but getting caught with a broken AC unit in the middle of summer in Las Vegas is the worst. If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, this is a step you don’t want to skip, as it can prevent unwanted surprising during inspection.  

5. Tidy the Coffee Table

This one's a breeze and can quickly make your living or family room look significantly less cluttered. Tidy up your coffee table by getting rid of old magazines and putting away any books that have been left out. Wipe the table down and decorate with a small arrangement of flowers or shallow tray. Don't forget to sanatize your remotes and other controlers while you're at it! 

Spring cleaning weekend projects

Tackle these spring cleaning projects over a weekend.

1. Deep Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

No one likes to clean the oven, but it’s probably not a bad idea to tackle this project at least once or twice a year. Including this in your spring cleaning will make your kitchen ready for all of your summer holiday parties and BBQs. Don’t forget your other appliances, make sure to clean your microwave, stove top, and give your fridge a good scrub, inside and out. 

2. Clean Patio Furniture

Now that the weather is going to start warming up, make sure your patio furniture is clean for when you want to relax outdoors. Make sure to clean off tables, benches, chairs and umbrellas, and wash any outdoor cushion covers you may have. By getting your patio furniture ready for spring now, you’ll have more time to enjoy the coming good weather. 

3. Wash Your Windows

Deep cleaning your windows (from the outside) is not only a great spring cleaning tip, but it’s also something you can do to improve the curb appeal of your home, and if you’re planning on selling this spring or summer, this is not an item you want to skip. While you’re at it, make sure to clean the interior window sill and track. You’d be surprised what can accumulate in there over the year! 

4. Wash Your Walls, Doors and Baseboards

Show your interior walls some love and wash them with a gentle soap or cleaners and soft rag. Focus on any scuffs or spots that may need a little more attention to remove. Our walls are white so I like to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get out particularly tough scuffs. Don’t forget to dust and scrub your baseboards. Using a vacuum attachment can help make sure you get all of the dust and dirt removed prior to washing. 

5. Organize Your Closet

Go through your closets and drawers and organize your clothing into the items you want to keep, donate or throw away. As you’re putting items back, make sure drawers and clothes are clean. Bulky winter coats, jackets, sweaters, and boots can be stored until they’re needed again next year.

Here’s a more thorough checklist where I’ve highlighted items that are either good to consider for general house maintenance or for those who are looking to sell their home soon. Items to pay attention to if you plan on selling your home, will not only make your life easier during your showings, but they also may help increase the appeal of your home! 

Spring cleaning checklist preview